Monday, June 22, 2015

The Guest – Suneetha Balakrishnan

Suneetha Balakrishnan weaves a nice tale of a typical Indian household in 'The Guest' with interesting characters; Saraswati – the genial mother-in-law, Sameer – the nonchalant son and Kavita – the pleasant daughter-in-law.

The camaraderie between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law was the highlight for me in this book. The narrative is full of effortless nuances of this friendship and brings forth how each woman understands the other’s story.

I felt that the character of Sameer and his detached persona could have been explored a little more from his perspective of things, not to justify his indifference but to add some more depth to his character.

After reading the story, the title snugly fits in to the whole theme of things.
The book makes up for a good, simple read with a slight twist in the tale.

I reviewed this book as a part of The India Readathon (

My Rating for 'The Guest' - 3/5

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